Tattoo Aftercare

Keep dressing on for at least 3 hours

Wash hands thoroughly before touching the dressing or tattoo

(our hands are dirtier than our bums)

Remove dressing, wash tattoo with warm soapy water

(Use liquid soap or shower gel not bar soap)

Wash away all gunk (This is normal)

Pat dry with a paper towel

Air for a few seconds

Apply very thin layer of bepanthen cream

Re-dress tattoo in clingfilm & secure with tape

Repeat once every morning & night for three days

Do not expose tattoo to sun, swimming baths, chemicals, dirt etc. until fully healed

Always put strong sun block on (20spf+) when exposed to sun

(do not expose to sun at all whilst healing)

Moisturise as part of your daily routine to keep your tattoo looking young

 Note: If clingfilm comes off and tattoo has started to dry do not re-cover with clingfilm 

just bepanthen until healed



Piercing Aftercare

Please return to the studio for a check up consultation 4-6 weeks after your initial piercing.


Your new piercing needs cleaning twice a day, morning and evening.

Please wash your hands prior to touching your piercing during cleaning.

Use just a pinch of fine sea salt (not normal table salt) in a shot glass or egg cup, fill it with freshly boiled water and stir it with the end of a tea spoon until all the salt is dissolved. Let it cool slightly.

Using a cotton bud, dip into your water and gently clean the piercing site around the front or outside and then using the other end of the cotton bud, dip in the salt water and gently clean the other end. Once all the crusties have been gently cleaned away, using kitchen roll, absorbed any left over moisture, if this is left it can irritate the piercing.

Other than cleaning the piercing there is no need for you to touch the piercing.


For oral piercings follow the same directions to make the salt water. Once left to cool slightly, swish the water around inside your mouth.

Also do this morning and evening. When eating and drinking throughout the day, once finished, swish around with some alcohol free mouthwash.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your piercing please do get in touch. We are more than happy to help.

Healing times for each piercing vary so please discuss this with the piercer.